Uncovering the World of Fire Ants

One of the most unsightly things that can ruin a good looking lawn isn't just a bare spot, it's a fire ant hill! Fire ants begin to take over areas of grass during the hot months, so gearing up to spot them in your lawn is crucial to know going into the Summer.

Fire ants build large mounds of dirt as their nests, and stepping into them by accident is one of the worst feelings ever! They pack a punch with their bites, which are not only extremely painful, but can be dangerous if you are allergic.  

Identifying Fire Ants

The idea of any sort of pests taking over your lawn can be stressful, but if you know what you're looking for and who to call, then you'll be on your way to a beautiful and healthy lawn. With Georgia being right in the heart of the south, we're in a prime area for fire ants. Fire ants can be a reddish-brown color, and are usually 1/16th to 1/4th of an inch long.

Identifying Fire Ant Mounds in Your Georgia Lawn

Locating an ant hill in your lawn or yard is never the hard part, but being able to point out the fire ant hill is going to take some attention to detail. Fire ants will build their nests near sidewalks, driveways or any area where soil temperatures tend to be high. The mounds usually pop up after a heavy rainfall to escape the water. Fire ant mounds typically do not have any visible holes in them. Unlike other common pests, fire ants can either have a single queen or multiple queens. The more queens they have, the more colonies and mounds they will appear. Fire ant colonies tend to nest deeper into the soil during peak summer temperatures, which means they will be hidden from an eye view.

Understanding The Effects of Fire Ants

When fire ant colonies have their nests destroyed, hundreds of ants will come out and defend against the intruders. Fire ants can bite your family or pets if they step on or disturb their nest. Their bite has a sensation of a strong pinch, and potentially can cause allergic reactions and an itching sensation for up to 10 days. Fire ants could also potentially damage young trees or property when setting up camp next to housing, wooden structures or equipment.

Common Control Methods

Insecticides are one of the best ways to get rid of fire ants because it's ease of use. For the best results, spray directly into the ant nest to target the queen. Be sure to wear protective clothing and gloves while spraying, and always follow the manufacturer's instructions.

How AgroPro Can Help You Treat Fire Ants

AgroPro offers treatment for fire ants through the use of bait applications and mound treatments to keep your family and pets safe. Our lawn care professionals will look out for any recurring nests during other lawn treatments, so we're always keeping our eye out for your family. Contact us by calling 678-445-9990 or clicking here.

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