Your Guide to Avoiding Mosquitoes in Georgia

We all know the feeling of enjoying a warm Summer evening, hearing a low buzzing sound and by the time you can slap your ankles a pesky mosquito has already done its damage. While they are extremely prevalent here in Georgia, that doesn't mean you have to let them "suck" the fun out of your Summer!

While mosquitos can transmit serious diseases such as malaria and yellow fever, their bites can also inflict us with an annoying itch! Just because you live in the South and it's Summertime doesn't mean you have to just deal with them. Let's explore some of the ways to prevent them from bothering you in the first place…

Destroy Their Standing Water Oasis

Since mosquitoes lay their eggs in water, unnecessary water sources laying around the house need to be removed. This is the simplest way to interrupt their quick mating cycle. This should help vastly reduce the mosquito population around your household and backyard.

You'll also want to adjust your sprinkler levels to avoid overwatering your grass or plants! Over-saturated areas of your lawn will only attract more and more mosquitoes over time. Take a look around your deck, garden or backyard to see if there are any of these common water collection areas that can be overturned:

  • Buckets
  • Bird Baths
  • Empty Garden Pots
  • Open Trash Cans
  • Upside Down or Deep Lids
  • Wheelbarrows

Best Performing Repellents

Now that we've looked at a few good ways to reduce mosquitos' favorite breed grounds, let's tackle a couple ways to repel the ones that are already being a nuisance! With recent advancements in outdoor repellant technology, there are a ton of neat options to keep you and your family free from bites this summer.

Next time you're in the camping section of the store or shopping online, check out a few of these options for keeping those buzzing pests away:

  • Mosquito repellant bracelets
  • Rechargeable repellent machines
  • Portable personal repellent machines
  • Scented relent candles

Natural Repellent 

You can also use some natural repellents that are easy to make at home! With a few essential oils, making a homemade bug spray that is safe for your skin is easy. Check out a few of these natural oils that can repel mosquitos from landing on or around you:

Lemon Eucalyptus oil is the most well-known repellent against mosquitos.

Lavender has an oil that can repel mosquitos. Lavender has antifungal and antiseptic qualities, meaning that it can also help calm the skin.

Cinnamon Oil isn't just a great topping to have on you sweet potato. Cinnamon oil can kill of mosquito eggs, and it can act as a repellent against adult mosquitos.

Thyme Oil is one of the best repellents against mosquitos.

Tea Tree Oil is a popular essential oil, it is known for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities. This is another great oil to use against mosquitos and other insects. 

Regular Mosquito Treatments 

Getting a regular lawn treatment for mosquitoes, and other pests, is the best way to prevent their presence month in and month out to keep your family safe.

AgroPro offers a mosquito control program designed to control and repel mosquitoes so you can enjoy your property. Each treatment will give you up to 28 days of protection. To get signed up for our mosquito treatment plan, call us at 678-445-9990! For more information on mosquito control click here.

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