Your 2024 Ultimate Lawn Care Calendar

With the arrival of a brand new year there's no better time than the present to get started on planning out essential care for your lawn for 2024! A well-kept and lush lawn doesn't sprout up overnight, it requires year-round effort to maintain growth, prevent disease and more. From those hot summer days to the cold winter nights, check out our ultimate 2024 lawn care calendar to make sure this year your lawn stands out above the rest.

Winter Lawn Care

Months: January, February & December

While Georgia winters can be unpredictable, we can use this time of year to perform maintenance on any equipment that will go unused for a while such as lawn mowers, weed whackers and more.

Another great habit to get into during the winter months is to always be on the look out for debris on your lawn and clear it off regularly. Fallen leaves, branches or other organic material that sits on your lawn for extended periods of time can harbor pockets of moisture. This can make your lawn susceptible for disease and can even invite pests to find a home there.

Spring Lawn Care

Months: March, April & May

Spring is one of the most happening times of the year when it comes to lawn care. You've got a lot of preparing to do for new grass and incoming heat. Continue any cleanup of debris you were doing in the winter, but this time we can start mixing in some dethatching.

You want to prepare your lawn to grow in nice and strong in the Summer, so now's your chance to have the lawn aerated to alleviate compaction, and to check on your irrigation systems if you have any. Zoysia patch control treatments also begin during March. Contact AgroPro if you have any questions about lawn disease or are looking to schedule treatment.

Summer Lawn Care

Months: June, July & August

This time of year will be your lawn's most vibrant and maintenance-heavy period. Multiple mowings per week and lots of watering is typically recommended throughout the summer. With all the added moisture that comes with humid Georgia summers, it's important to check for and treat pests like grubs and mosquitoes.

Brown patch control treatments also begin during the summer months, contact AgroPro if you have any questions about brown patch disease or are looking to schedule treatment.

Fall Lawn Care

Months: September, October & November

Caring for your lawn in the fall is extremely important; how you prepare your lawn for its upcoming dormant season will greatly impact how it manages the upcoming winter. If you have a fescue lawn, you're going to want to utilize this time of year for aeration and overseeding. This will allow need seedlings the time they need to mature and grow a root system before the temperatures drop.

Agropro only uses top-quality, blue tag certified Tall Fescue seed that is suited for our Georgia climate. If you are curious about your lawn's grass type and what types of fall service you need, contact us today!

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