Your 2023 Lawn Care Calendar

Caring for your lawn and garden involves so much more than just mowing and watering, and taking those extra steps to ensure root health and promote growth makes all the difference. Most of the time, actions you can take to improve your lawn's growth and color need to take place regularly, and before the growing season. 

January - April

In January, your lawn will continue to exist in its dormant stage, carrying over from late fall or early winter from the year prior. Your grass will likely be without its vibrant green color, and might seem "dead," but don't worry; it is still receiving nutrients from the soil. This time of year, it is great to mulch over fallen leaves, which in turn will utilize organic material to insulate your lawn. You can also pull any visible weeds as well.

As you enter March and April feel free to begin mowing with a raised blade. Regularly remove fallen branches and sticks to ensure that when your grass starts growing, nothing will hinder it. In terms of lawn disease, March is time to begin treatments for large patch control for lawns with Zoysia grasses. Contact AgroPro today to learn more about our lawn disease treatment programs.

May - August

This will be your lawn's peak season for growth, meaning that you will be mowing much more often, and with your blades lowered. You can also freely mulch your lawn clippings into the yard to strengthen future grass growth early on. This is also a great time of year to fight against brown patches affecting your lawn. 

As you enter July and August, it will be hot and dry, meaning you need to hydrate your lawn multiple times a week. If you notice that your lawn is not absorbing the water, then it will be time for aeration treatments to open up your soil's absorbency. Be on the lookout for standing water around your lawn. Insects, such as mosquitoes, use these areas as breeding grounds. Standing water can also lead to fungal growth, which in turn will leave your lawn vulnerable to disease. 

September - December

Once the hottest months of the year are out of the way, you can begin focusing on some of the most effective forms of care for your lawn. This is also a great time of the year to think about performing spring dead spot control if your Bermuda grass is suffering from this lawn disease.

This period, from September to October, will be the perfect time for scheduling your aeration and overseeding services with AgroPro. After you've had your lawn overseeded and aerated, you can continue mowing around once, maybe twice, a week until you see the first frost. 

Protecting Your Lawn Year-Round

At AgroPro, we offer all types of services year-round, whether you need help eliminating insect presence, decompacting your soil, controlling lawn disease, and much more. Contact us today to discuss your plan for a healthy and green lawn in 2023. 

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