Top Lawn Watering Tips

There's no magic trick to watering your lawn properly. It's really just a matter of ensuring that the water you do supply to your lawn, trees, and shrubs is used efficiently. Especially during the summer months, it's important that your grass is getting the amount of water it needs to thrive. Between pop-up storms, moisture-scorching sun, and your valuable time, it can be hard to keep up with unless you know ways to get around the struggles of lawn irrigation. So, are you watering your lawn correctly? Let's find out!

During the hotter summer months, your lawn will need from 1″ to 1-1/2″ of water per week either by rainfall or sprinkling. You can use a rain gauge to determine how much extra water will be needed each week. By soaking your soil to a depth of 6″, you'll help your turf's roots grow deeper and stronger. One good way to see if you have soaked your soil thoroughly is by trying to stick a 6-inch screwdriver in the ground. If this can't be accomplished, you may need to turn on your sprinklers for a while longer.

Your trees and shrubs will also benefit from weekly irrigation when rainfall is scarce. Since their roots are much deeper than those of your lawn, it's a good idea to soak each area thoroughly with each watering. It's important to remember that trees absorb the majority of the water, so to help your trees and grass thrive, you may need to water tree-shaded grass more than you would other grass. Learn more about growing grass in the shade.

How to Conserve Water

When setting up sprinklers, try to avoid letting the water run down your driveway, the sidewalk, or the street. When watering your lawn, make sure the water your utilizing is being put to good use instead of being wasted by running down the concrete around your home. It's also important to avoid watering during hotter, windier parts of the day when chances of evaporation are high. We recommend watering first thing in the morning as this allows your lawn to dry before nightfall.

Another great way to eliminate water waste is by installing a rain barrel to use for irrigation. This method is inexpensive and allows you to save on your water bill while conserving water as a whole. We recommend contacting an irrigation expert to help you find the best ways to utilize your rain barrel. 

Going Automatic 

If you'd rather not worry about watering, an automatic irrigation system may be your best bet. With an automatic system, you can rest assured that your lawn, trees, and shrubs will always get the right amount of water at the right times.

What's Next 

If you're reading this, you probably care about the health and appearance of your lawn. At Agropro Lawn Care, we provide two premium lawn treatment packages to help you control weeds, properly fertilize, and even help control lawn disease and other yard pests. We hope we get to work with you to make your lawn the talk of the neighborhood! 

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