Dog Urine Spots: How to Fix Your Lawn

Dogs are said to be man's best friend, and understandably so. However, the love we have for animals doesn't eliminate the frustration that can come from early wake-up calls, the constant begging for food, overall maintenance, and the dreaded urine spots on your lawn. Now don't forget, your pup can't help it – it's just how they were made. We also understand that spots on your lawn might not be ideal, so keep reading for some tips on how to fix and prevent urine spots, with a few tips for your pup too!  

How to Prevent Dog Urine Spots

1. Nurture a Healthy Lawn

Your lawn is way more susceptible to urine spots when it's unhealthy to begin with. By getting a head start and creating a healthy, thriving lawn, you may notice that you see fewer urine spots because it has everything it needs to fight off the dreaded brown or bright green spots on your grass.  

2. Create a Dog Bathroom 

If humans have a dedicated bathroom space, why can't dogs? Create a specific, mulched area for your dog to use the bathroom. It may take some training, but many dogs are receptive to the praise they will get after using the bathroom in the correct area. Take note, do NOT use mulch made from cocoa bean hull as this could be toxic to your dog.  

3. Fertilize Your Lawn Less 

There is a concentrated presence of nitrogen in your dog's urine, which is the reason you see bright green or brown spots through your grass. Though grass needs nitrogen to thrive, having too much could be a huge cause for your problem. By fertilizing your grass less, or not at all, you can loosely regulate how much nitrogen your lawn is receiving.

4. Cut Higher  

By cutting your grass higher than usual, it can reduce the stress on your grass and cover some of the spots that are being urinated on. As an extra step, you can spray your lawn down with water after your canine uses the restroom. By spraying it, you can reduce the concentration of nitrogen, reducing the chances of obvious spots.  

5. Other Options

If you go to a pet store, there are many "supplements" available for your dog that claim to reduce the urine spots in your lawn. However, these could cause health issues in your dog, and we recommend you focus on your lawn or creating a dedicated space for your dog to go to the bathroom.  

How to Fix Dog Urine Spots on Lawn  

Fixing grass spots is an easy process, though it can take some time. All you need to do is to rake over the affected spots to remove as much dead grass as possible, add topsoil to the area, water the topsoil thoroughly, and then add grass seed. If at all possible, keeping your dog off of the area may help the growth process.  

What Next  

Many people love their dogs and want a good-looking lawn. The good news is you more than likely won't have to choose one (and we know you would choose your pup). If you're looking for a beautiful, healthy lawn, check out our lawn care programs.

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