Why Your Landscape Trees, Shrubs and Perennials Need Fertilizer before Winter

By November 1, 2017Plant Care

You spent a lot of money putting in the trees, shrubs and perennials that grace your GA landscape. You don’t want insects, disease and lack of nutrition to kill them over the winter months.

Instead, you need deep root fertilizer for your trees and soil drenching for your shrubs and perennials.

In this blog post, you’ll learn what deep root fertilization and soil drenching are as well as learn how both services benefit your landscape plants for years to come.

Deep Root Injections

Since the trees on your property have deep roots as well as roots that spread out as wide as your tree’s canopy (branches and leaves on top), you need deep root fertilizer, insect and disease control.

Your plant health care specialist will use a root feeder that can go deep into the soil. He’ll make many injections, starting at the end of your tree canopy and moving toward the tree’s trunk in the center.

The tree’s roots will absorb the fertilizer, insect and disease controls at the roots and move them upwards to the trunk and the rest of the tree.

Late fall is also the perfect time to add dormant oil to your trees and shrubs.

Here are the signs that your tree needs deep root injections this fall:

  • A soil test shows that your trees are deficient in nitrogen, potassium or phosphorous
  • Your trees are not growing
  • Your trees have small leaves, or leaves that change color and drop prematurely
  • You just transplanted your trees from one spot in your landscape to another area
  • You just planted new trees on your property
  • You have young trees that are still getting established in your landscape.

Soil Drenching

Soil drenching uses a shorter probe to apply fertilizer, insect and disease control directly into plants with shallow roots.

Trees are the only deep-rooted plants in your gardens and lawns. All other plants, including perennials and shrubs, are shallow rooted and do well with soil drenching.

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How Does Injecting Fertilizer, Disease, Insect and Weed Controls into Plants’ Roots Benefit Them?

Fall is considered the recovery time between the hot, humid summer with less rain and the arrival of winter when plants go dormant.

Plus, plants, including trees and shrubs, need the extra nutrition over the winter to help them with photosynthesis and producing sugars (the plant’s food).

Insect controls protect your plants from insects moving in over winter as well as preventing insect eggs from hatching.

Plus, when your plants and trees are fertilized in the fall, they will survive through hot, dry summers better as well as resist common plant diseases.

You’ve invested a lot of time and money developing your GA landscape. Keep your investment alive and well with deep root fertilizer for trees and soil drenching for all of your other plants. Your plants will thank you when they survive and thrive through the cold, winter months.

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