Stop Dollar Spot Now!

So you may have tried dozens of DIY fungal treatments, but you learned that dollar spot is a hard disease to control.

There are things you can do on your own to help your lawn recover. But many times you’ll need a lawn care professional to add commercial-grade fungal treatments that get to the heart of the problem.

In this article, you’ll learn what dollar spot is, how you can control it and how your local lawn service can stop dollar spot now.

What is Dollar Spot?

Dollar spot is one of many fungal diseases that infect Georgia lawns. If your turfgrass is made up of bermudagrass and has a sunken, white appearance in the shape of a silver dollar, then you may have dollar spot.

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Help Your Lawn Recover

Below are some tips that can help your lawn recover from dollar spot. The key is to keep the top of your lawn grass as dry as possible, yet supply your property with enough water to relieve drought stress.

Here are seven tips to bring your grass back to health:

  • Water your lawn in the early morning hours between 4 a.m. to 9 a.m.
  • Invest in a sprinkler system that you can control with your smartphone.
  • If you already have a sprinkler system, make sure every part is working. Also, check your nozzles to ensure they’re aimed at your lawn grass and not at the driveway or sidewalks.
  • Avoid watering your lawn in the late afternoon or the evening because the moisture will stay on the grass longer and exacerbate the fungal problem.
  • If your lawn is dry, start watering your lawn daily. Dollar spot thrives in drought-stressed
  • Take a long pole, your lawn mower or your garden hose and drag it over your lawn in the morning to remove dew.
  • Remember: It’s best to give your lawn a deep, soaking drink that’s about 1” – 1 ½” inches once a week rather than a daily sprinkle.

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There are some other cultural things you can do to bounce back from dollar spot:

  • Don’t mow too low: Instead, set your mower to only take the first third off the top of your lawn grass.
  • Cut back your trees and shrubs to allow more sunlight and air circulation into your property to dry off your grass.
  • Invest in core aeration to allow more air and sunlight into the soil as well as remove excess thatch.
  • Hire a lawn care company to apply the right amount of fertilizer and fungicide to your lawn.

How a Lawn Service Company Can Help You Beat Dollar Spot

Even if you do everything right with your lawn, you still may have problems with dollar spot. Matter of fact is hard for your lawn to recover from any lawn disease because of Georgia’s high humidity and hot summer days.

So you may need a professional lawn service to help you treat your GA lawn for dollar spot. At Agropro, our lawn specialists know how to handle dollar spot—whether that’s through core aeration or by adding the right amount of nutrients to your lawn.

For example, we’ll add more nitrogen in our lawn treatments to help your grass recover faster. Since we deal with dollar spot every summer, we know the perfect nutrient blend to eradicate the fungus from your lawn.

If you’ve been fighting dollar spot or any other lawn disease all spring and summer, then you need some help from us at Agropro.

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