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Service Areas


Do you live in Roswell, Georgia and struggle to make your lawn look good? You need a professional lawn care service to restore your lawn, making your lawn look and feel the way you’ve always imagined.

Agropro Lawn Care

At Agropro Lawn Care, we take a holistic view of your lawn. We believe great lawns start with healthy soil. So, before we add any lawn products to your property, we’ll take soil samples to analyze what your soil needs. We then take that information and design a lawn treatment program to meet your soil’s specific needs. Our grass maintenance service consists of seven visits to your property throughout the course of the growing season so we can retreat and take care of any additional issues.

Disease Control in Roswell, Georgia

One of the quickest ways to hinder the progress of your lawn is to ignore potential lawn disease. If it goes untreated, the disease spreads and makes the beautifying process even more difficult to achieve. Many diseases can be avoided by proper mowing and watering practices. Agropro’s lawn care services can greatly reduce the chance of lawn disease occuring at all or can help remedy already present disease. Some types of disease include:

  • Brown Patch
  • Dollar Spot
  • Pythium Blight
  • Slime Mold
  • Spring Dead Spot
  • Rust Disease
  • Fairy Ring
  • Large Patch

Grub Control in Roswell, Georgia

Lawn disease is destructive in and of itself, but white grubs can do even more damage. White grubs eat your grass roots, which kills the grass. They then go on to turn into beetles, which mate and lay eggs in your lawn, causing the cycle to continue. When your lawn is treated for white grubs, it can also prevent a variety of other potential issues that could impact the health of your lawn.  

Other Lawn Services in Roswell, Georgia

  • Lawn Treatments
  • Mosquito Control
  • Seeding
  • Disease Control
  • Insect/Grub Control

Are you ready to reform your Roswell, GA property into a thick, green lawn that leaves no room for weeds or disease? Call us today at 678-445-9990 or request a free estimate.

Core Aeration

Relieves compaction, reduces thatch, and opens the soil to air, water, and nutrients

Aeration & Seeding

Relieves compaction and thickens your Fescue lawn with certified seed.

Disease Control

Controls Brown Patch, Dollar Spot, and other turf-damaging diseases for up to 28 days per treatment.

Turf Booster

Enhances root development, improves color, and helps build your soil.

Growth Regulator

Reduces mowing frequency, while improving color and turf density.

Grub Control

Controls Grubs in your lawn for up to 6 months per treatment.

Fire Ant Control

Controls Fire Ants in your lawn for up to 12 months per treatment.

Flea & Tick Control

Controls Fleas and Ticks in your lawn for up to 30 days per treatment.

Mosquito Control

Controls Mosquitoes on your property for up to 28 days per treatment.