Six Vibrant Flowers to Discover in Georgia this Spring

As the cold of winter slowly starts to melt away, we start to embrace the warm of springtime. North Georgia comes alive with the vibrant blooms of spring flowers. From the warm colors of marigolds to the first blooms of daffodils, the Georgia spring is a perfect time for flower enthusiasts and gardeners. Here's a guide to the top six vibrant spring flowers you can discover across Georgia, promising a marvel of blossoms and fragrances to brighten your lawn.


Dahlias come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. They must be planted after the last frost when the soil is warm. Dahlias are usually planted in the warm spring because of the warm soil. The month of May is the perfect time to start planting this beautiful flower. Around July they will flower until the first autumn frost. They are great to put around the border of your garden to bring out the vibrance of the garden.


Daffodils are the flower of March. They remind us of the summer coming up and gives us the reminder of sunshine and joy. Daffodils are a bright yellow and white color, which symbolizes positivity. They survive the winter storms and are the first to bloom. Daffodils are supposed to be planted in mid to late autumn. They are the perfect flower for a shrub border, perennial bed, or your groundcovers.


Peonies bloom from late spring through early summer. There are six types of peonies, anemone, single, Japanese, semi-double, double, and bomb. The best place to plant these beautiful flowers is along walkways or a low hedge. They are typically planted in the fall before the first frost. If they are planted in spring, they may not bloom for a while.  


Marigolds are a low maintenance flower, and they are mostly pest free. They bring the color of "sunshine" to your garden. Most prefer to be in a full sun area but can be planted in partial shade. Marigolds are great companions for the garden and will help protect your plants from pests. These cheerful blooms come in various types, including African marigolds with large, double-petal blossoms, French marigolds with smaller, single-petal flowers, and signet marigolds with tiny blooms and aromatic foliage. Marigolds require minimal care once established, and their warm colors brighten up gardens and landscapes. 


Tulips brighten our days in the spring. The blue-green leaves start to come out when the winter is over. Tulips begin to bloom around late winter or early spring. Tulips are cold-tolerant, if freezing temperatures come back, it could delay the growth. Tulips don't like a lot of heat, so this could benefit them a little. If you're planning on planting tulips, put them in an area where they will get morning sun. They don't need a lot of sun, so a nice shady spot during the day is perfect for them.


Crocus must be planted around the fall because they need to experience a period of cold weather to bloom. These low-growing plants produce relatively large white, yellow, orange, or purple flowers. After flowering, they become dormant. Crocuses are cultivated for their flowers, which appear in autumn, winter, or spring. The flowers close at night and in overcast weather conditions.

Spring in Georgia is a vibrant display of color, and these six flowers are just the beginning of what blossoms you have to work with. Whether you're an experienced gardener or a humble lover of flowers, Georgia's spring blooms offer something for everyone.

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