Proactive & Reactive Pest Control Tips for the Fall

While it really is starting to feel like fall is finally here, most Georgians are still going to be experiencing very warm afternoons. So as you notice the leaves change colors and begin to fall off of their trees, it's important to pay attention to other changes that might be going on in your yard. Just because the mosquitoes aren't buzzing around as much this time of year does not mean your lawn is without pests, or the effects of their presence. 

Not only can your lawn benefit from proactive and reactive pest control, but your plants will thank you as they prepare for what metro Atlanta meteorologists are predicting to be a "colder and wetter winter." 

Proactive Pest Control Tips for the Fall

If you're having success with keeping pest presence minimized in your lawn or garden, then you know the best way you can spend your time is by keeping it that way with proactive or preventative maintenance. 

Learn to Recognize Typical Fall Pests

One of the best ways to stay on top of controlling pests in your lawn or garden is by knowing what to look for and how to react. 


Grubs are an extremely common lawn pest found here in Georgia, and they can be quite invasive and damaging to your lawn's root structure. This time of year is perfect to take action against unhatched grubs. Using insecticides can prevent a new round of grubs from taking vital nutrients from your lawn right before winter arrives. 


Another very common pest you'll notice this time of year are armyworms. Armyworms are the caterpillars of moths, which are commonly seen during fall months as well. If you aren't seeing armyworms themselves in your lawn you'll also want to check for clues that they have been there. Skeletonized leaves, scalloped grass blades, and larvae feces are all signs that armyworms may be lurking in your lawn or garden.

We offer custom programs to control grubs, armyworms and other pests that will fit your specific needs, contact AgroPro today to learn more. 

Reactive Pest Control Tips for the Fall

If you're struggling with pest damage to your lawn or garden from late summer months, or perhaps even early fall, then you'll want to take some reactive measures to ensure your lawn can garner enough nutrients to stay healthy throughout the upcoming winter months.

Continuous inspection will always be recommended, especially for those of us with larger lawns and gardens. Often times severe pest infestations have been building up for an extended period of time, so always check in areas where they may be hiding. Areas with lots of shade, moisture and humidity can often be a good place to start.

Targeted pesticides will always be recommended when pests have taken over your lawn or garden. These treatments can typically provide relief, but long term care will always be needed to prevent their return to the area.

For small occurrences, try keeping your lawn leaf-free for the rest of the fall season to prevent pests from seeking shelter underneath them, for more tips of leaf management, check out our guide

How AgroPro Can Help

At AgroPro, our specialists continually inspect your property for insects. They will notify you of any insect activity we notice and make treatment recommendations. Contact us today if you suspect insect activity on your property. 

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