How to Control Weeds in Your Lawn

With spring right around the corner, you're probably daydreaming of blooming flowers, trees sprouting new leaves, and you guessed it…green grass! It's important to know that the green grass you're thinking of probably didn't happen by accident. More than likely, it was a product of hard work, preparation, and a great team of lawn care specialists. The key word is preparation. As we get closer and closer to spring, this is your last call to get ahead on pre-emergent so you can create a yard you love. 

What is Pre-Emergent? 

Ultimately, the goal of pre-emergent is to control the weeds…before they even get there! This treatment prevents the germinated weed seedlings from becoming established by interrupting their growth process, resulting in significantly fewer weeds. It's important to note that pre-emergent may not eliminate weeds entirely, but it will certainly make a significant impact. 

When is the Best Time to Apply Pre-Emergent? 

We recommend applying pre-emergent in the late winter and during the summer (around June or July). When applying the pre-emergent during late winter, you are essentially trying to control the weeds before they even grow. Trying to control weeds after you already have them is a much more difficult task, so we recommend getting ahead of the problem. 

Other Spring Tasks to Complete

Though pre-emergent is an extremely important part of preparing your lawn for warmer days, it's not the only step you need to take to get ready for warm weather. Here are some other things you can do to prepare! 

Clean Your Yard. As you get ready for spring cleaning, don't forget to clean your yard too. You can do this by picking up twigs and other debris from your yard, which allows our product to be fully absorbed by your lawn. We also recommend making sure you don't have any containers with standing water in them as this could attract pests that could harm your lawn and/or flower beds. 

Get to Mowing. The tendency is to wait until your grass is getting long before you start mowing it. However, we actually recommend starting to mow earlier and more often. When the grass gets too long before you mow it, it stunts the roots, thus inhibiting growth instead of encouraging it. For best results, mow about once a week for the first several weeks of spring. Side note: don't cut your lawn too short. We recommend taking just a little off the top. 

Treat Bare Spots. If you have any bare spots in your yard, spring is the time to treat the area with grass seed. If you proactively treat these spots, you should hopefully have growth in time for summer.

Hire a Professional.  At Agropro, we specialize in aeration, seeding, disease control, and insect control. If you want to take next steps towards your dream lawn, contact us for a consultation so we can develop a plan that will work for you! 

If you have any additional questions regarding pre-emergent, check out our blog featuring some of our frequently asked pre-emergent questions. 

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