Keep Insects Out of Your Lawn

By May 19, 2017Insect Control

So summer has arrived and with it comes insects making their home in your lawn. Some of these pests can damage your lawn from the soil upward, while others carry diseases and are a danger to you and your family.

It’s time to call your local lawn care company to protect your lawn from these pests.

Bad lawn insects

A lot of different critters make their home in your Georgia property. Some are beneficial to the health of your lawn while others will eat it up.

Still, other insects, such as ticks and fleas, infect you, your family and pets with disease.

Some lawn-damaging pests include:

  1. Grubs: These pests live in the soil layer and your turf. They’re the larval form of Japanese, June, chafers and other beetles. If you can lift up your lawn like a carpet and see at least 10 C-shaped, milky white critters on their side, you have a grub problem. These grubs eat your grass at the roots and can have more than one generation per season.


  1. Armyworms and Cutworms: These caterpillars will chew through your grass. Large populations of these worms march right through your lawn leaving a long path of destruction in their wake.


  1. Chinch bugs: This small bug uses its mouth parts to suck the life out of your lawn grass. You may not notice a single chinch bug because it’s the size of a pencil tip. But you will notice if you have a problem when there are a group of them jumping back and forth in your lawn.


  1. Sod webworm: You know if you have a sod webworm problem when your children or your dog runs through your property disturbing small moths that spring up and fly around. In its larval stage, the sod webworm causes damage when it chews its way through your turf at night. Often you won’t notice their damage until your lawn grass goes dormant, and you discover large brown patches where sod webworms did their damage.

Bugs that Bite

The next category of harmful lawn insects are the bugs that bite:

  • Fire ants: These stinging little workers are unpleasant and even dangerous. Protect your children and pets from accidentally walking across the ants’ mounds where they go into attack mode to protect their queen.


  • Fleas and ticks: There’s new evidence every year about the various, potentially fatal, diseases that tick bites cause. You now don’t only need to worry about Lyme disease, but also Rocky Mountain spotted fever, tularemia, ehrlichiosis, relapsing fever, Colorado tick fever and Babesiosis.

Read more about ticks and the diseases they spread in this WebMD article.

Anyone coming into your home from the outside can bring in fleas. These fleas will infest your home, causing skin irritation and possibly killing your pets.

It’s also very expensive to get them out of your furniture, carpets and home.

  • Mosquitoes: Diseases from mosquito bites are on the rise too, such as chikungunya virus, dengue fever, West Nile and Zika viruses.

Fight Back with Lawn Insect Control

When it comes to the majority of lawn-damaging and disease-carrying insects, it’s best to fight back with lawn pest control. Your lawn care service will come to your home to apply insect control to stop these bugs in their tracks.

These professionally applied insect controls are safe around people and pets. You do want to put all pet dishes and children’s toys away before your lawn care professional disperses the liquid insect control.

After 30 minutes, it’s safe for you, your kids and pets to go back outside to play.

Enjoy your Georgia lawn this summer by hiring a local lawn care company to get rid of bugs and keep them out of your lawn for good.

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