Why Your GA Lawn Needs Spring Aeration

By June 15, 2018Lawn Maintenance

Did you know soil compaction is one of the most significant lawn problems in Atlanta, GA?


Soil compaction makes it hard for grass to grow because there’s not enough oxygen, water and nutrients going into the soil. And carbon dioxide can’t be released from the ground either.


The only solution is to get your lawn aerated and overseeded this spring. Aeration and overseeding during the spring are ideal for warm season grasses.


In this article, you’ll learn more about aeration and overseeding as well as how it benefits your warm season lawn.


What Does Spring Aeration Do for Your Lawn


Aeration occurs when a lawn care technician uses an aerator on your Roswell lawn.


The aerator will pull up small plugs of soil that will dissolve again the next time you water your lawn, or it rains.


After aeration is complete, you can almost hear your lawn breathe. When those tiny plugs are pulled from the ground, carbon dioxide leaves your soil while allowing oxygen, light and water to enter it.


Here are the nine additional benefits to aerating your lawn:


  1. It reduces thatch: Thatch is that layer between the soil and the turf. It consists of roots, stems and other grass debris. If you have up to a half inch of thatch, it’s not a big deal. However, if it’s over an inch, you’re setting up your lawn to attract fungal diseases, insect damage and other turf problems.


  1. Improves turf density: You want a thick, green lawn—not only for its aesthetics but also for its ability to crowd out weeds. Dense turfgrass means a healthy lawn.


  1. Improves water uptake: As mentioned earlier, core aeration allows the soil to take in more water. It also enhances the soil’s ability to hold onto that moisture for a more extended period.


  1. Improves nutrient uptake: Every lawn needs regular fertilization treatments throughout the growing season. Fertilizer helps your turfgrass grow a robust root system as well as a healthy plant. Aeration allows nutrients to penetrate the soil and provide long-lasting nutrition.


  1. Improves root growth: Long, strong roots that continue to grow are the lifeblood of any healthy lawn. You want your grass roots to grow and add new branches to hold onto nutrition and water deep in the soil. Plus, it helps your warm season grass survive dry and harsh weather conditions.


Have you scalped your Bermuda or zoysia lawn yet?


  1. Promotes deep root systems: Like root growth, you want your lawn grass root systems to grow deep into the soil. Deep roots have more access to moisture and nutrients. Plus, it enables your root system to hold onto nutrients and moisture to survive summer drought.


  1. Reduces drought stress: If your turf roots develop a lot of branches and grow deep into the soil, your lawn will survive drought stress. Drought stress is more than dry land. Due to drought, your turf is more susceptible to disease, weeds and insect infestation.


  1. Reduces water runoff: Deep root systems with many branches extending into the soil helps to reduce erosion. When there is heavy rain, the water runs into your property and percolates into the ground. Well-aerated soil can absorb that water and store it for a more extended period. Plus, the roots help filter the groundwater and prevent runoff.


  1. Prepares the soil for overseeding: Finally, aeration prepares your soil for overseeding. At Agropro, we use a slit seeder that delivers grass seed deep into those tiny holes. By planting your grass seed in the deeper soil, it allows the seeds to start developing those deep, multi-branched roots.


How Agropro Can Help You


At Agropro, we take lawn care seriously. Our fully trained technicians will aerate and overseed your lawn.


Spring aeration is for warm season grasses only. Warm season grasses include Bermuda, centipede and zoysia grasses.


If you have a fescue lawn, a cool season grass, you can have that aerated and overseeded in the fall when the temperatures start to drop.


So, if your GA Bermuda, centipede or zoysia turf needs spring aeration and overseeding, call us today at 678-445-9990 or fill out our contact form.


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