Marietta GA Lawn Care Service

You spend agonizing hours trying to keep your lawn green and in picture-perfect condition. Sometimes, the treatments don’t work. Others, you run out of time. Then your lawn suffers from poor results.

You can put an end to all that, and get gorgeous green grass you feel proud of, with help from Agropro. Our equipment treats 1,000 square feet of your lawn per minute. In about 10 minutes, we can help your lawn become the one you’ve always dreamed of.

That saves you time, money, and the frustration of making mistakes on your own. You can spend more time doing things you like. You can enjoy doing other fun things you’d rather do instead.

Any Good Lawn Service Takes Several Treatments to Achieve Results

If you hear companies promising you a beautiful green lawn in just a single treatment, don’t fall for it. They say that just to get your business. You should notice improvement after each treatment, but it’s unrealistic to expect a complete transformation. Experience has proven this to our professionals and customers over and over again.

That’s why we offer a year-long lawn maintenance program of seven treatments. It’s the only way you’re going to get the gorgeous green grass you want.

Do you think we’re saying this just to get you to commit to our lawn service for the long-term? Not a chance. Our goal is to make sure you’re 100% happy with all services. If you’re not for any reason, you get a repeat treatment absolutely free of charge. If you notice any weeds in your lawn between treatments, you can also call us to get those taken care of – free of charge too.

We’re also licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

A Locally Owned and Operated Lawn Care Company in Marietta that Cares about You

Unlike franchises, we’ve been locally owned and operated for years. That means we know the grass in Marietta and can create a custom lawn care program that gets you the green lawn you want. You also get friendly personal service from pros who care about you as a person. Franchises like to operate on volume, and you may end up feeling like a number.

With Agropro, you’ll always feel valued. You’ll have the peace of mind and comfort that comes with hiring a lawn maintenance company you can trust.

You’ll also get the lawn you’ve always dreamed about. You’ll have better “curb appeal,” and a higher property value. You’ll enjoy your lawn more. Your neighbors will be a little jealous too.

Schedule Your Free Estimate Today to Learn How Your Lawn Can Be Green Again

All lawn treatments we offer are 100% safe for you and you pets. They’re environmentally friendly too. You should stay off any liquid treatments for at least 30 minutes while they dry. After they dry, your lawn is ready for use again.

Learn how Agropro can make your lawn the beautiful green space it should be when you call 678-445-9990 and schedule your free estimate today!

Additional Lawn Care Services

  • CORE AERATION – Relieves compaction, reduces thatch and opens the soil to air, water and nutrients.
  • AERATION & SEEDING – Relieves compaction and thickens your Fescue lawn with certified seed.
  • DISEASE CONTROL – Controls Brown Patch, Dollar Spot and other turf-damaging diseases for up to 28 day per treatment.
  • NITRO-BOOSTER – Enhances root development, improves color, and helps build your soil.
  • GROWTH REGULATOR – Reduces mowing frequency, improves color and turf density.
  • GRUB CONTROL – Controls Grubs in your lawn for up to 6 months per treatment.
  • FIRE ANT CONTROL – Controls Fire Ants in your lawn for up to 12 months per treatment.
  • FLEA & TICK CONTROL – Controls Fleas and Ticks in your lawn for up to 30 days per treatment.
  • MOSQUITO CONTROL – Controls Mosquitoes on your property for up to 28 days per treatment.

If you would like a FREE, no-obligation estimate for lawn care service, please use our Online Estimate Form or call our office at 678-445-9990.

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