Let Your Lawn Breathe with Core Aeration

By March 18, 2017Lawn Maintenance

Does your Bermuda or Zoysia lawn look brown and dull? Does it look like it needs a kick start?

Then you may need core aeration.

Core aeration helps your lawn stay healthy by allowing the soil to receive oxygen and release carbon dioxide—as well as receive nutrients, sunlight and moisture.

Additionally, excess thatch will be removed during this process—allowing you to have a beautiful, healthy lawn this season.

Core Aeration

What is core aeration?

When Agropro visits your property for core aeration, they will use a core aerator—a machine that will pull plugs of soil from your lawn.

Don’t worry about those soil plugs either. They’ll dissolve right back into the ground as soon as it rains or the next time you irrigate your lawn.

Those soil plugs will also give your lawn an extra boost of nutrition and wake up beneficial microbes to break down thatch.

Core aeration is vital to the health of your lawn. After months of dry weather and foot traffic, your soil becomes compacted—restricting the amount of water and nutrients that can get through to the soil level.

Plus, aeration reduces the amount of thatch that your lawn grass develops. Some thatch is normal in a lawn—up to a half inch. However, when it exceeds a half inch, thatch will prevent the soil from receiving enough moisture, and fertilizer treatments will be less effective.

Here are six additional benefits to core aeration:

  1. It improves turf density
  2. It improves root growth
  3. It promotes a deep root system
  4. It reduces water runoff
  5. It relieves drought stress
  6. It helps microbes to breakdown thatch.

Reducing Thatch

Thatch is that layer between the live grass and the soil layer. Thatch consists of dead leaves, crowns, roots and other organic material.

Since most North Georgia lawns have warm season grasses, like Bermuda, centipede or zoysia, the thatch that develops on these lawns is very noticeable.

If you have too much thatch developing under your warm season grass lawn, it will look dull, have bare patches and is a haven for destructive insects and grass disease development.

What You Can Expect

Core aeration will relieve your soil of compaction and allow your warm season grasses to grow vigorously.

Now that these grasses can receive more water, sunlight, oxygen and fertilizer as well as release carbon dioxide, your lawn will have less weeds.

One of the key benefits to core aeration results in grass that will be able to deepen its roots and grow thickly—leaving no room for weeds.

It’ll also help when we apply fertilizer treatments to your lawn. The fertilizer will be able to get to the deepest parts of the grass roots—delivering vital nutrition.

In turn, your grass will green up and stay that way all season long.

Have you tried other lawn care companies in the past and still have more weeds than lawn? Maybe you’re a DIYer, and you’re tired of applying lawn treatments that don’t work.

If that’s the case, then call us today at 678-445-9990 or fill out our contact form. We’re your North Georgia lawn care specialists!

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