It’s National Lawn Care Month: 10 Benefits of a Healthy Lawn

Part of the American Dream includes a home with a green lawn and a white picket fence. During April, you can celebrate your property during National Lawn Care Month.


Your lawn provides many good things, not only for you and your family but also to the environment and your local community.


In this blog, you’ll read the 10 benefits that a healthy residential lawn gives to you and your local community.


10 Benefits of Healthy Lawns


Your residential lawn brings you joy as you watch your little ones collect fireflies and as you gather with family and friends for a backyard picnic.


But did you know that your turfgrass provides more than a comfortable green space to play on? It’s a workhorse keeping the air clean, your home cooler as well as so many other assets.


Here are 10 proven benefits of a residential lawn:


  1. It keeps harmful pests, such as fire ants, fleas, mosquitoes and ticks away from your family: When you invest in lawn maintenance, including pest control, you’re investing in keeping your family safe from dangerous


  1. It improves your family’s quality of life: Researchers have found that healthy lawns promote stress-reduction as well as enhances feelings of happiness. It also provides a place to play, rest and connect with family and friends.


  1. It keeps allergy-causing weeds out of your yard: If you invest in weed control from your local lawn care company, then you’ll get rid of harmful weeds that cause allergy symptoms.


  1. It improves your outlook on life: There has been a lot of research associated with mental health and plants. A healthy, green lawn is a great place to relax after a hectic day at work, dealing with rush-hour traffic and taking care of your family. After spending time in your backyard, you’ll notice you’re feeling happier and more optimistic.


  1. It keeps your property from looking neglected: If you take care of your turfgrass and your landscapes, your home’s curb appeal looks well cared for—and a well-tended property naturally reduces the risk of crime.
  2. It improves your home’s property value as well as it helps you sell your home faster: Your lawn, landscapes and the front of your home are the three areas that prospective buyers see when they drive by your house. Indeed, you can only make a good impression once, so make your lawn and landscapes look their best when you put your home on the market.


A 2016 study conducted by the National Association of Realtors and the National Association of Landscape Professionals found that basic lawn care gets the best return on investment (ROI) when selling your home.


Here are the three lawn care upgrades that improves a home’s resale value:


  • Overseeding a lawn brought the highest ROI of 417%.


  • A lawn maintenance program fetched a 303% recoup rate.


  • And sod installation recovered 148% of the cost.


  1. It cleans the air: Your lawn provides enough oxygen for a family of four—it’ll break down carbon dioxide releasing carbon and oxygen. It also removes harmful pollutants from the atmosphere, such as smoke particles, dust and other air pollutants.


  1. It filters stormwater run-off protecting your local waterways: Your lawn’s root system includes many branches, and it reaches deep into the soil. So, when it rains, your turfgrass filters stormwater run-off and slows fast moving water down before it goes into local waterways.


  1. It reduces noise: Do you wish you could cut the noise of your neighbor’s lawn mower or a car’s loud radio? A healthy turf reduces noise pollution by 20% –30%—taking the decibels down from noisy vehicles, lawn mowers and other loud equipment.


  1. It cools the temperature around your home: Did you know that a healthy, thick lawn helps reduce the air temperature around your house? Think about it. Have you ever run out on your asphalt driveway on a summer afternoon? It’s painful. And yet, when you walk on your Atlanta, GA lawn in the summer, you aren’t hopping up and down like a jackrabbit because it’s 31 degrees cooler than asphalt.


How Agropro Helps You Achieve a Healthy Lawn


It takes a lot of time and effort to create a thick, dense lawn with hardly any weeds and works as a barrier to harmful insects and weeds. To achieve all the benefits of a healthy lawn, you need the help of a local lawn maintenance company.


At Agropro, our lawn specialists provide services, such as core aeration, disease, insect and weed controls as well as fertilizer treatment programs to promote a vigorous lawn.


If you’re ready to have a beautiful GA lawn this season, call us today at 678-445-9990 or fill out our contact form.


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