The coming of spring means the coming of a variety of insects that can cause extensive damage to your lawn and landscaping. With a dozen or so insects that feed on turf, keeping the bugs from bugging you offers us a lot of challenges. As temperatures go up, the number of insects lunching on your landscape will be increasing, too.

Some pests occupy the thatch layer, while others prefer crowns, stems, leaves and other above-ground parts. Knowing where the offenders feed helps us locate and identify them. The type of insect and where they live within the turf profile also determines what kind of control material is needed.

All insects become active with an increase in temperature. Insect damage may begin to appear either early or late, depending on the temperatures of the particular year. Billbugs, chinch bugs, webworms, and aphids can all pose considerable threats to the well-being of your lawn.

Insect damage will eventually show up as brown and damaged areas in the lawn and can occur throughout the growing season. During the hotter months, insect damage can easily be dismissed as hot-weather dormancy. To avoid this confusion, it’s important to keep the lawn in good growing condition.

Keeping the lawn well irrigated, maintaining a professional fertilization program, and following post-treatment instructions all help to maximize the effectiveness of Agropro pest control treatments. If you suspect insect damage and would like a consultation with an Agropro lawn professional, please let us know!

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