Horticultural Oil

By September 16, 2015 June 22nd, 2018 Plant Care

Though they may look healthy and insect-free, your trees and shrubs could be providing a home for some of their worst enemies at this very moment. Even if you can’t see any damage taking place, it’s possible that insect eggs and/or pupating larvae are posing a very real threat to the health of your landscape plants.

Insect pests such as scales, aphids – on rose bush (see above), spider mites and thrips are common tree and shrub eaters. If nothing is done to stop them, they can cause serious damage. Horticultural oil treatments can provide the protection your valuable plants need.

These are highly refined, light oils that are blended with emulsifiers to allow them to be mixed with water and spread evenly over plant surfaces. Once applied to your trees and shrubs, the oil/water mixture coats the soft bodies and eggs of insect pests. Since most insects use their whole bodies to breathe, the oil/water coating basically seals off their pores and suffocates them.

Horticultural oils are an effective and environmentally friendly method of controlling insect pests.

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