Newly seeded lawns are fragile, especially when subjected to hot, dry conditions. To become viable for the long term, new lawns need to be “babied” a bit. Constant moisture is a necessity for new lawns. If the soil is allowed to dry out for just one day, germination could be reduced by 30%. Just two days of dry soil could lead to a 50% reduction in germination.

In sunny weather, newly seeded lawns need light, frequent watering two to four times per day, even after the first grass seedlings appear (new seedlings don’t have many roots and need all the help they can get).

Very often, the seed mixture used in your lawn contains a mix of different grasses. If this is the case, the first seedlings you see are probably only one grass type. Since the other grasses in the mix will continue germinating for up to a month, you’ll need to keep watering regularly.

In addition to thorough watering, a slow-release fertilizer will help get your new turf up and running.