5 Reasons Why You Must Remove Leaves from Your Lawn This Fall

By November 18, 2017Lawn Maintenance

You’ve invested a lot of money into your lawn this year, and you don’t want to lose your investment by letting leaves lay on the ground throughout the winter.

Indeed, fallen leaves that aren’t mulched will end up suffocating your verdant, thick lawn by the time next spring arrives in the New Year.

In this blog post, you’ll learn five reasons why you need to remove leaves from your lawn. Plus, you’ll learn the benefits of leaf-cycling.

Three ways to remove leaves from your lawn

Getting leaves off of your lawn is pretty simple. You have the following three options:

  • You can rake or use a leaf blower to get them into a pile. You’re responsible for bagging them up and taking them to the curb to be picked up.


  • You can hire a professional to rake and blow leaves off of your property. Some leaf removal companies take the leaves back to their buildings to use as mulch. Other companies will bag and put them on the curb for you.


  • You or your mowing service can use the mulching part of your mower to cut up leaves to use as mulch.

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Five reasons why you need to get leaves off of your lawn before winter

Even though it’s time-consuming to rake leaves off of your lawn, you still need to do it. Otherwise, you risk damaging your lawn grass due to excess moisture and disease.

Here are five reasons why you need to remove leaves from your lawn before the wintertime:

  1. Leaves interfere with lawn treatments. When our Agropro technicians visit your property for a lawn treatment, the fertilizer or control won’t cover your lawn uniformly.


  1. Leaves put your grass at risk for snow molds, brown patch and other lawn diseases. Your grass becomes matted underneath the leaves. Then when it rains or snows, there is no opportunity for grass to dry out. Matter of fact, moisture continues to accumulate in the dark environment—providing the perfect place for fungi to develop over the winter.


  1. Leaves block out sunshine and oxygen. Your lawn can’t breathe when there is a pile of leaves laying on it. Also, it doesn’t get the sunlight it needs to grow throughout the winter.


  1. Matted grass will keep new grass from emerging in spring. When spring arrives, new grass can’t come up because the leaves are blocking them from pushing through the soil line.


  1. If you have fescue grass on your lawn, it won’t be able to do its best growing in the fall and winter. Cool season grasses, such as fescue, develop over the fall and winter months. By allowing leaves to stay on your lawn throughout the winter, your fescue lawn won’t be able to develop and grow.

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If you want to give your lawn a free boost of nitrogen, consider using a mulching mower or ask your mowing service to mulch your leaves.

Leaf cycling keeps leaves out of landfills, plus it gives your lawn extra nitrogen and other nutrients throughout the winter. It’s when you allow whole leaves to remain on your property without breaking them down that produces problems.

You can also break down your leaves using a string trimmer or a leaf blower. Use your leaf blower’s shredder feature to cut up your leaves.

Before winter sets in, don’t forget to remove the leaves from your property. Otherwise, your lawn won’t bounce back to its former glory next spring.

At Agropro, we don’t remove or mulch tree leaves for you. But we do provide year-round fertilization treatments, aeration and seeding as well as a host of other lawn services. Call us today to learn more at 678-445-9990 or fill out our contact form.

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