3 Ways to Get Rid of Armyworms this Fall

By August 16, 2017Insect Control

Last August, you had armyworms marching through your GA property, leaving your lawn looking brown and straggly.

This year, you want to stay ahead of the game by preventing these caterpillars with dark stripes from invading your lawn.

In this blog, you’ll learn about armyworms, what you can do at home to prepare your lawn for armyworm control, and why you’ll need a professional lawn care company to get rid of them.

What are Armyworms?

By the time they reach the caterpillar stage, armyworms are eating your grass voraciously before they go through metamorphosis to become moths. In late August and early September, you’ll notice their activity by seeing them on your turf as well as the circular brown patches they leave behind.

Armyworms feast on warm season grasses, especially Bermuda and St. Augustine. They also like cool season grasses, such as fescues.

If your lawn has armyworms, you’ll start to see a lot of bird activity on your property. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough birds to get rid of these pests.

Instead, you can hire your local lawn service to get rid of these critters for you.

What You, the Homeowner, Can Do To Get Rid of Armyworms

There are three things you can do before your lawn technician arrives to spray your property for armyworms:

  • Apply soapy water to your lawn in June when these caterpillars hatch from eggs
  • Cut your grass because you won’t be able to mow for three days after application
  • Irrigate your lawn to remove these critters from their homes

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How Your Local Lawn Care Company Can Help You

While you can buy insect control at your local garden center, you’ll have more success when you hire a professional company to apply the control for you.

Before your lawn service technician arrives on your property to apply insect control on your lawn, make sure you put away both children and pet toys. And bring your pets inside before treatment.

Your lawn care tech will spray armyworm control throughout your lawn. And your tech will explain to you what you need to do—such as keep pets and children away from your lawn until the product is dry.

If you have a cool season grass, such as fine fescue, then you’ll want to make an appointment for core aeration and overseeding to repair your damaged lawn. At Agropro, we’ll apply armyworm control on your GA property as well as aerate and overseed it.

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Is your lawn plagued with armyworms? Get help now by scheduling your appointment with us at 678-445-9990 or fill out our contact form.


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